Our current membership gives us the capabilities to pursue particular strategies to achieve our goals. As the FSM Alliance grows and as regulations, institutions and practices in countries and at regional and global arenas change, our strategies may change, refocus or adapt. Our strategies will include:


Globally, we will convene the biennial FSM Conferences. Depending on partner and member capacities, we will also seek to convene national and regional dialogues and events both to inform and sharpen the focus of the global FSM Conferences and to help promote its key concepts and knowledge. Convening will also be our way to generate and support constituency-building behind inclusive sanitation, especially FSM and non-sewered sanitation approaches among a wide group of sectoral stakeholders and professional disciplines.

Forming partnerships

Most of our goals, including our FSM Conference related goal can only be delivered with quality, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability through actively seeking and building partnerships with organisations that have expertise, social networks and political capital with different constituencies. Partnership building will also enable boundary-spanning beyond the usual suspects, including beyond the current professional disciplines and stakeholder communities involved in FSM. As the FSM Alliance, forming partnerships is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.


We will promote and support the building and gathering of evidence on the opportunities and challenges, on the ground experiences and viability of FSM and non-sewered sanitation approaches. Through building partnerships with relevant organisations who are involved in knowledge curation and brokering, our evidence-building activities and their dissemination will support the development of public policy, including of standards and regulations to help create an enabling environment for public and private investments into these services.


We will build our own influencing clout through convening and evidence-building, and build our alliance with other organisations so together we reach decision-making tables and influence the influencers. We will work with all other stakeholders who have similar objectives for FSM and inclusive sanitation. Our advocacy will also be built upon the use of strategic and high-quality communications – online, social and conventional media in order to help in opinion-formation and further build the profile of the FSM Alliance as leading the strategic vision of the FSM sector.

Supporting enterprise

We will promote business development in the FSM sector, primarily through the FSM Conferences’ technology fairs, industry/case study tracks and training workshops and through our advocacy activities. We will also directly support business development through such Conference-based mechanisms as facilitated and structured networking between business and investors, between governments and business. Through partnerships with other organisations, we will promote the development of consultants’ databases and promote its use amongst governments, multilateral and bilateral agencies and businesses.