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FSMA Presents is the monthly podcast hosted by the FSM Alliance. We are creating new platforms across different types of mediums to discuss and explore all issues related to FSM, including socio-economic, institutional, cultural, or other sociological issues related to FSM. Poor sanitation is not just a technical problem, by looking at the anthropological and sociological causes can help us design better services and behavior change campaigns. 

FSMA Spotlights 

Each month, the FSM Alliance hosts technical webinars on the latest tools, best practices, research, and updates in the FSM sector. Topics range from co-treatment of faecal sludge and septage, financing models, business models, and the latest technologyonline step sister newonline teenporn newHD Wang yuan yuan. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn to stay-up to date with the upcoming sessions. Or join as a member to receive exclusive access to our resource library!

The FSM Alliance is excited to announce that we will be publishing the first e-magazine dedicated to FSM. This e-magazine is to help share knowledge outside of the academic journal format and allow for a wider range of voices and topics to be covered. Editions will be launched at the end of each season or quarter (Mar, June, Sept, Dec) and will feature an introduction by a guest editor. 

Interested in being a guest editor? Email us at [email protected]

To learn more about the submission guidelines, latest topic, and read past editions, visit FSMA Digests.

The Toolbox by FSMA is a set of FSM implementation tools that can help users determine the best FSM plan in any setting. It includes an assessment tool, a planning tool, and a diagnostics and decisions support tool. Visit our Toolbox page to learn if the Toolbox can help your FSM implementation.

Did you know that 5 hours of Toolbox support are included with each FSMA membership? Let us help you with how to best use the different tools. Do you need a customized version of a tool or report? Contact us at [email protected] to discuss options. (Some costs may be associated depending on the complexity of each request).