About The Alliance

Our Vision

A world where all people, everywhere, enjoy equitable access to safely managed and dignified sanitation services, which recognizes and treats human waste as a valued resource, improving health, reducing poverty and safeguarding the environment.

Our Mission

We set the agenda, champion and promote the development of inclusive sanitation approaches, particularly faecal sludge management (FSM) and non-sewered sanitation (NSS), to ensure human health and dignity, and the health of urban ecosystems.

Our Organizational Model:

Strategic Partners and Active Member

The FSM Alliance is a member based network, having both individual and organizational members, governed by an executive committee and managed by four staff members.

Our success is shared success with our members and partners contributing to the resources and helping to implement the Alliance’s goals and strategies. The FSM Alliance is currently in the process of developing their membership process and benefits.

There will be 3 levels of membership: individual, organizational, and Strategic Partners.

Member involvement in the activities of the Alliance will range from the following:

  • Participation in the organisation of activities for the FSM Conference through membership in various Conference-related working committees
  • Participation in the organisation or delivery of projects, programmes, other events and activities of the FSM Alliance – within their own countries or otherwise through membership in appropriate working groups and task committees.
  • Input to the Alliance’s strategies, plans and reviews (Strategic Partners only)

Our Institutional Host:

During the creation of the FSM Alliance, BORDA offered to be the institutional host by providing office space, infrastructure and administrative support.
The FSM Alliance is located at BORDA headquarters in Bremen, Germany.

We envision a world where people everywhere, anywhere enjoy equitable access to safely managed and dignified Sanitations Services.