FSMA Video Series Launch

FSMA Video Series Launch

Last November, FSMA had the pleasure of visiting the Pollution Research Group (PRG) at the University of KwaZulu Natal. We interviewed several students and engineers who gave us an in-depth insight into new sanitation technologies which can help achieve sustainable faecal sludge management. We also explored the social aspect of sanitation development- how do these new technologies affect people, and how can we make FSM a more integrative process?

We are kicking off the series launch with prototype engineer Tapuwa Sahondo, who is currently testing how urine can be turned into electricity, whilst treating the urine! An important part of the sanitation service chain is treatment and resource recovery. The resource-burden of treating and re-using waste is huge, but by mitigating this through new technology, we can increase access to safely managed sanitation. 

Watch the video here:



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