FSMA Digests: An online magazine on FSM

FSMA Digests was created to provide a space for sharing viewpoints and reflections from FSM professionals. Most FSM-related publishing to date has been primarily academic research, and we saw a gap we want to address. This series aims to share non-academic articles, editorials, insights, and opinions from our network. In this same spirit, we use a simplified selection process instead of the more conventional academic peer review process. Anyone may submit an article relevant to the topic or theme of the current edition. 

Have an idea for an upcoming edition or would you like to be a guest editor? Email us at [email protected].

Click here to see the FSMA Digests- 1st Edition Theme and Submission Guidelines.

Article due date extended to May 31st 2022.


Article guidelines

1. Please submit your articles via our online portal (https://dcs.fsm-alliance.org/new-article ). 

2. Each written article requires a summary (maximum 100 words). 

3. The length of articles should not be greater than 6,000 words, including the notes and references if any. 

4. All the text in the article must be submitted in English. We encourage all non-native English speakers to use a grammar tool, such as Grammarly or have it proofread by a native English speaker to reduce editing. 

5. Please also include the author’s social media links/ websites to post with the article. 

6. Please also include 3 Hashtags words that describe your article. (eg. #Kenya #FSMPlan2021 etc.) 

7. All references should be listed after the article and not in the article text itself. Number the references sequentially with Arabic numbers. 

8. The paragraph break should be indicated by an extra line space rather than an indentation at the beginning of a paragraph. 

9. Illustrations and images are encouraged for all articles (if relevant) and should be provided as high-resolution .jpg digital images. Authors have complete responsibility for providing visual material that suitably complements their pieces. 

10. Captions should be included with each illustrated manuscript and must have credits to the copyright holder and/or photographer. 

Submission Guidelines

1. We do consider previously published work but would prefer new and original work. Please let us know immediately if your work has been published or is accepted elsewhere and only provide the work if you are allowed to. Simultaneous submissions are welcome and encouraged. 

2. The FSMA Digests will be exclusively published to FSMA members for the first 30 days. After 30 days, it will be made publicly available on the FSMA website and distributed elsewhere by FSMA. FSMA may also use the publication separately from the magazine or may use quotes from it. 

3. FSMA Digests reserves the right to make minor editing changes to the manuscript. Any significant editorial changes will require the author’s approval before publication. If you have any (other) personal or moral rights under copyright legislation, you agree to – as far as possible – not use them against FSMA. 

4. Please ensure that any images used in the submissions do not violate applicable copyright laws or are in any other way unauthorized for use in FSMA Digests. 

5. Your work may be viewed and used by others. FSMA is not accountable and/or liable in respect hereof. 

6. By submitting the work, you retain all your intellectual property rights, but hereby give FSMA the broadest, everlasting consent (license) to record the article in any form (printed, electronic, etc.), to reproduce it, and to make it public in any possible way, worldwide, such as via our databases. 

7. You guarantee that you are the author of the work and hold the intellectual property rights of the work and/or that you are entitled to share it with FSMA. You are fully accountable and liable in respect of the work and the images shown therein. 

8. If you receive a report or gain information on any copyright violations in regards to your work, please notify FSMA as soon as you become aware of it. 

9. You guarantee that all of the given information in relation to FSMA Digests/your work is correct.