Business Skills Training for Rural Sanitation Publication IWA

Business Skills Training for Rural Sanitation Publication IWA

We are pleased to have funded the latest Open Access publication by IWA, titled ‘Business Skills Training for Rural Sanitation Entrepreneurs’ written by Joshua Kibetand and Diana Mulatya.

The ebook contains a trainers guide and an entrepreneurs workbook that takes you through business principles and best business practices , in relation to the sanitation sector.

“The overall objective of this manual is to equip sanitation specialists and public resource persons with the basic concepts and tools, to facilitate entrepreneurship and financial literacy training for start-up sanitation entrepreneurs in rural communities. Specifically, this manual is designed to help participants:

1) Learn the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs;

2) Learn and practice essential marketing techniques for sanitation products and services;

3) Develop money management competencies necessary to succeed as a small-scale entrepreneur;

4) Build necessary leadership and management skills to grow successful sanitation enterprises.”

You can access the ebook by clicking here

Please share this great resource to those who may benefit from it.

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