Happy World Water Day

Happy WORLD WATER DAY! In this video we visited Siphesitle who is managing an EcoSan testing facility which recycles toilet waste-water onsite! This is a

Social Aspects of Sanitation Projects

In the previous video’s we’ve seen some groundbreaking research into faecal sludge resource recovery. In this video, we had the pleasure of speaking to Anthony

Newlands Mashu Research Site

In this video, Carley Truyens, PE, MPH takes us through a DEWATS system currently being used in a local municipality in Durban. Its great to

Black Soldier Fly Treatment Plant

We are back with another video! In this episode, we spoke to Christopher Ramsamy, who is the plant manager at a the BioCycle Black Soldier Fly

FSMA Video Series Launch

Last November, FSMA had the pleasure of visiting the Pollution Research Group (PRG) at the University of KwaZulu Natal. We interviewed several students and engineers

AfWA 2020 Conference- Uganda

The African Water Association (AfWA), formerly known as Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS), is a professional association of establishments, enterprises and utilities operating in the

EAWAG Aquatic Research

Eawag’s mandate is to develop and test methods and technologies that help the worlds’ poorest access sustainable water and sanitation services. We do this by: